Notice to annual meeting 2023


Hello member!

Time for the annual meeting

Now it’s almost time for the most important event in the association – the annual meeting. Then you, as a member, can most clearly influence the association’s activities. You are also involved in choosing a new board, election committee and auditors. The annual meeting follows an agenda, which is like a checklist so that nothing is forgotten.It must be included in the summons and you will find it at the end of this document.

When: Sunday, March 5 at 1 p.m. Coffee from 12.30 p.m.

Where: Regnbågshuset, Barlastgatan 2, (Nearest stop Masthuggstorget).Find it there!

How: Engage yourself! Suggest people to the board and as auditors, write motions, register, read the annual meeting documents and attend the annual meeting!

Why:It is important that the association is governed and developed based on democratic principles. It is at the annual meeting that members have the opportunity to influence the association.

Attend the annual meeting – Registration is required

Sign up.You need to register for the annual meeting. You register via this FORM or mail to RFSL Gothenburg, Stora Badhusgatan 6, 411 21 Gothenburg. 

We need your registration by February 27 at the latest.

Read the annual meeting documents.The annual meeting documents contain what will be discussed at the annual meeting.In order for everyone to have the opportunity to read them through, they must be ready two weeks before the annual meeting. They will be available online and a link will be sent out to everyone who signed up.

Do you want to participate digitally or physically?

The meeting will be held physically but with the option to participate digitally. We hope that the technology will be in place in Regnbågshuset by then. State how you want to participate in the registration.

Don’t forget to pay the membership fee!

Do not forget to pay the membership fee for 2023 at the latest two weeks before the meeting. Otherwise you are not entitled to vote. You find your membership account at where you also can pay the fee via Swish. For help, send an email to 

If you know someone who wants to become a member, you can refer them to

One way not to miss paying the membership fee is to become a monthly donor via direct debit. Then a minimum of SEK 100 is deducted each month, of which SEK 100 is the membership fee and the rest is a gift.

Suggest people to the board and as auditors

Make suggestions for people to the board. The board consists of the people who lead and take responsibility for the association between annual meetings.

Make suggestions for auditors.The auditors are the people who are tasked by the annual meeting and the members to review and check that the board is carrying out its duties.

Make suggestions for people for next year’s election committee.The election committee has a central, important and responsible task.It is therefore good if people who are nominated to the election committee are familiar with and have experience with non-profit associations. The election to the election committee is not prepared by the sitting election committee, they only pass the names on to those who lead the annual meeting (the presidium of the annual meeting).

Do you know someone who you think would be suitable for the board, as an auditor or to be in the election committee? Then you can notify the election committee at 

Proposals for the annual meeting

A motion is a proposal from one or more members to the annual meeting and can be about anything related to the association’s activities or about RFSL Gothenburg as an organization. The motion ends with one or more requests (requirements) that are formulated as to-clauses, for example “Request that in the coming year an activity be carried out with the aim of recruiting older members to the department”.

The motions must be submitted to the board a certain time before the annual meeting. It is so that the board can make comments on the motion and so that the motion can be sent to all members before the annual meeting.

Motions must be submitted no later than Sunday5 February at 24:00. Motions are sent to or by post to RFSL Gothenburg, Stora Badhusgatan 6, 411 21 Gothenburg. Get started and write!

Warm welcome!



  1. The opening of the annual meeting
  2. Determining the voter register
  3. Question whether the annual meeting has been announced in accordance with the articles of association
  4. Election of the annual meeting presidium: – Meeting chairman, – Meeting secretary
  5. Choice of protocol adjuster
  6. Election of vote counters
  7. Determination of the agenda
  8. The board’s operational and financial report
  9. The auditors’ story
  10. Determination of income statement and balance sheet
  11. Question about discharge of liability for the board
  12. Propositions:
    12.1 Adoption of statutes (if changes have taken place at RFSL’s congress)
    12.2 Determination of business plan
    12.3 Budget for the financial year
  13. Exercises
  14. Election of the board:
    14.1 Determining the term of office and the number of members on the board
    14.2 Chairman
    14.3 Treasurer
    14.4 Other ordinary members**
    14.5 Substitutes
  15. Election of congress delegates
  16. Election of the election committee
  17. Selection of auditors
  18. Selection of possible working groups and other elected officials
  19. Other issues (not decision issues)
  20. End of the meeting.

**when electing other members, e.g. vice chairman, secretary or other designated member positions are appointed