Meeting place for trans people and allies

Welcome to RFSL Göteborg’s meeting place for trans people and allies*!
The meeting place is an opportunity for us to meet and hang out together. There is no requirement to perform in any way, you decide in which way you want to participate – there is room for both conversations and discussions or rants as well as to sit back and drink tea or to sit quietly and listen to other people’s thoughts.
Representatives from RFSL Göteborg will be on site. There will be free coffee.
When: Friday, October 2 at 6-8 pm.
Where: Stora Badhusgatan 6, the nearest tram stop is Stenpiren.
The meeting place has no age limit, but children and young people under the age of 16 are recommended to bring an adult.
There will be the opportunity to step away and sit down a little by yourself if needed.
During the evening, we all need to help each other to keep a distance, to wash / spray our hands and the like. We follow the Public Health Agency’s guidelines and as the premises are quite small, we will be able to have a maximum of 25 people in the premises at the same time.
We ask you to pay attention to if you have any symptoms, and if so, stay at home. We also ask you to stay at home if you have had symptoms during the last 48 hours.
Warm welcome!
*By ally we mean a person who is not themself trans but who supports and / or engages in the trans struggle in some way. This is therefore not a trans-separatist event.