Annual Meeting 2018

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Now it's time for this year's most important event in the organisation – the annual meeting. There you as a member can influence the organisation's work. You also participate in electing a new board, nominating committee and accountants. The annual meeting has an agenda; a checklist so that nothing is overlooked. You find it further down on this page.


Quick facts about the annual meeting

When: Sunday February 18:th 2018 at 15.00. Registration and snacks from 14.30.
Where: Mötesplats Göteborg, Södra Allégatan 1B (Järntorget).
How: Get involved! Suggest people for the board and as accountants, write motions, sign up, read the annual meeting document and come to the annual meeting!
Why: It’s important that the organisation is run and develops based on democratic principles. It’s at the annual meeting that the members have the chance to influence the organisation.

Registration: Sign up February 14:th at the latest through the form (opens in a new window) or through 031-7882511.

Annual meeting documents: Will be available two weeks before the annual meeting and can be downloaded at the bottom of this page or be collected at the branch’s Öppet Hus-kvällar. A number of copies will also be available at the annual meeting.

Suggest people for the board and as accountants. 

Suggest people for the board. The board leads, and takes responsibility for, the organisation between the annual meetings.

Suggest accountants. The accountants are the people that have the responsibility of surveying and making sure that the board does its job.

Do you know anybody you think would be suitable for the board or as an accountant? Then you can notify the nominating committee at Read more at

Write motions

A motion is a suggestion from one or more members for the annual meeting and can be about anything that has to do with the organisation’s work or about RFSL Göteborg as a branch. The motion contains one or more requests (demands) that are formulated using the word “that”. For example: “Request that work with the goal of recruiting older members to the branch will commence.” 

The motions are to be submitted to the board at a certain time before the annual meeting. This is so that the board will able to make comments on the motions and so that the motion can be sent to all members before the annual meeting. Motions are to be handed in before Sunday January 21:st at 24.00. Motions are sent to or via mail to  RFSL Göteborg, Stora Badhusgatan 6, 411 21 Göteborg. Get writing! 

Come to the annual meeting!

Sign up. You need to sign up if you want to attend in order for us to order snacks. You sign up here or via telephone 031-788 25 11. We need your registration by Wednesday February 14:th at the latest. Don’t forget to pay the membership fee for 2018 before the meeting (can only be done via text message at the annual meeting). 

Read the annual meeting documents. In the annual meeting documents everything that is to be addressed at the annual meeting is documented. In order for everyone to get to read them they should be ready two weeks before the annual meeting. They can be collected at the office or downloaded at the website. There will also be some copies at the annual meeting.

A warm welcome!

P.S. RFSL has changed its member register. We no longer send out membership cards. In a short while we will introduce “my page” where you can log in and download your digital membership card and change your settings. In order for you to get access to “my page” we need your e-mail address and your mobile phone number, send it together with your membership number and possible questions to D.S.


  1. The opening of the annual meeting
  2. Determination of electoral role
  3. Issue of the annual meeting’s statutory proclamation
  4. Election of annual meeting presidium
    a. Chairman of meeting
    b. Secretary of meeting
    c. Election of protocol adjuster
    d. Election of tellers
  5. Determination of the agenda
  6. The board’s annual- and financial report
  7. The accountants’ report
  8. Determination of profit and loss statement and balance sheet
  9. Issue of freedom from liability for the board
  10. Propositions
  11. Motions
  12. Determination of action plan and budget for the business year
  13. Election:
    a. Board
    i. Determination of term of office and number of members on the board
    ii. Election of president
    iii. Election of treasurer
    iv. Election of regular members
    v. Election of alternates
    b. Election of congress representative
    c. Election of nominating committee
    d. Election of accountants
    e. Possible work groups/other trustees
  14. Other topics (non-decision issues)
  15. End of meeting