RFSL Göteborg’s virtual living room

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Welcome to RFSL Göteborg's virtual living room!

Here you can meet other LGBTQI-people digitally. We meet through Zoom at specific times and talk to each other about things we think are important right now. Dates and times are stated in the form linked below. In the virtual living room, there is no particular theme or something like that, but when you sign up you can choose whether you prefer to participate in a separatist room or not. You can also tell us all the languages you are able to participate in, as we can divide the group into several smaller ones.

You will need an internet connection, computer, smartphone or tablet with microphone and webcam to participate. If you for some reason do not want to talk or are unable to talk you are welcome to participate by using the chat.

There are a limited number of places. Therefore, you need to register in advance if you want to join. You do this at this link: https://forms.gle/JecSUiqEBfd7P2WA6. You will then receive a link to the meeting and further instructions via email at least one hour before we open the doors to the living room. LGBTQI-people living in Göteborg and nearby Göteborg have priority, but if there are places left you might be able to participate even if you do not live here.

There must be at least 5 participants for each meeting and you need to register at least 1.5 hours before the meeting starts. If you have signed up for a meeting and it is too few registered, you will receive an email stating that the meeting has been canceled.

In the room there will be staff from RFSL Göteborg, to welcome everyone, fix with the technology and make sure everything is flowing as it should. Any questions can be emailed to kurator@goteborg.rfsl.se.

See you!