Counselling Groups


Transit is a counselling group for you who are 15-25 and have thoughts about your gender identity and/or your gender expression and want to talk about things that have to do with gender and trans together with others with similar experiences.

Regardless of if you’ve just started thinking about it or if you’ve been thinking about it your whole life, this is a place where you can talk about what you need to talk about.

Maybe you don’t feel like neither a boy nor a girl, both or neither of them, maybe it varies. Maybe you want to change your body so that it feels more like your body, or you may have other experiences and thoughts. We talk about this and much more during Transit. What you feel is important, we feel is important.

The group is lead by counselors who have experience of being trans, the leaders of Transit in spring 2019 is called Erik Loo and Marion Englaborn. We work based on a method material that has been produced by RFSL Stockholm in order to talk about gender identity and trans in a group setting. We talk about different themes at every session and do exercises based on the themes as well as talking.

Going to Transit is free and it is a group of 6-14 participants. The group will be on Wednesdays 5-7.30 pm for nine weeks in a row, starting April 24 and ending June 19. The group is held in Swedish.

Registration is required to join the group, as each group has a limited number of places. If you want to join the Transit group of spring 2019, register in the form found here: Deadline for registration is on March 17. You will receive an answer by April 1.

Location: Central Göteborg, at RFSL Göteborg and at Verket. More precise information will be sent out if you get a place in the group.

If you have any questions, send an e-mail to:


Counselling groups for bisexuals

During the fall of 2017 we held a counselling group for bisexuals. If you wish for us to do this again, you can contact us at

Counselling group for people who identify as bisexual. During the get-togethers there’s the opportunity of exchanging experiences and reflecting upon being bisexual with others through exercises and activities based on certain themes like norms, coming out, relationships etc. The group meets at RFSL Göteborg during five evenings every other Wednesday starting October 25 and is lead by our counselor.

The counselling group for bisexuals is a closed group. The same people will meet each time and you have to pre-register to partake. After the first session the group is closed to new participants. If you pre-register for the group it’s important that you want to, and can, come to as many sessions as possible. The group is held in Swedish.

Participating in the group is free and we provide snacks.



Kompassen is a counselling group for all LGBTQ people 15-30 years old. LGBTQ=lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer. It’s a group for pep talk, experience exchange, discussion, play and reflection about what it means to be norm breaking when it comes to gender and/or sexuality.

The group is lead by two counselors.

There will not be a group during 2017.


Suggestions for themes for counselling groups and group activities 

RFSL Göteborg plans to arrange some kind of counselling group or group activity every year from now on. Now we turn to you as members to find out what focus you would be interested in for coming semesters. The focus or theme for a group can be the coming out process, trans, migration as an LGBTQ individual. Focus should be within LGBTQ. A group activity can for example be a meeting space for rainbow families, trans separatistic member evenings or the like.

If you’re interested in a certain focus of a counselling group or group activity, fill out this form. If the theme you wish for is chosen we will get back to you with an invitation.

If you have any questions you can email the counselor Linda Gustafsson at

Thank you!