Counselling groups and group activities

Counselling group for non-binary

The counselling group for non-binary is for you who are 18 years or older, live in Göteborg and the surrounding area, and have thoughts about your own gender identity and / or gender expression and who want to talk about things that have to do with gender and non-binary together with other non-binary people.

We meet on five occasions in April-May and talk based on different themes such as “body, gender euphoria and selfcare”, “identity, coming out and norms” and “sexual orientation, relationships and sex”. The counselling group will be in Swedish.

The first four times we meet digitally at Zoom and the fifth and last time we meet physically outdoors in central Göteborg.

Read more and register here:

Suggest themes for counselling groups and group activities
If you are interested in a specific topic for a counselling group or group activity, fill out the form found here:
The focus or theme of a counselling group can be, for example, the coming out-process, trans, pansexuality or migration as an LGBTQI person. The focus of the discussion group should be within LGBTQI. A group activity can be, for example, a meeting place for rainbow families, transseparatist membership evenings or the like.
If the theme you have asked for will be done , we will let you know by sending you an invitation.
If you have questions, you can email Thanks in advance!