RFSL Göteborg offers counselling on issues related to homosexuality, bisexuality, gender identity, trans, queer and intersex.

The support is aimed at persons aged 13 years and over who live in Gothenburg.

You can contact us with issues related to living as a LGBTQI person. This may, for example, be about:

  • Gender identity and / or expression
  • Sexual orientation / identity
  • “Getting Out Processes” (being open to others with gender identity or sexual orientation)
  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Managing norms and power structures in society linked to gender and sexuality
  • Discrimination, harassment, violence or hate crime
  • Exposure in family and family / honor issues
  • Violence / abuse in partner relations
  • Being a LGBTQI person and refugee, asylum seekers, nondocumented or new in Sweden
  • Selling sex or having sex for compensation
  • Using drugs in connection to sex
  • Doubts, regrets and retransition

We have experience of meeting people in many different life situations with different backgrounds.

We offer counselling up to 5 sessions per person. If you need more long-term support, we will assist you with advice on where to turn. We offer counselling with an interpreter if needed.

To book a first meeting for counselling, contact Lio Gustafsson at:
Phone: 031-788 25 12

If you are victim of crime contact:
RFSL Support service
Göteborg Crime support

For more referrals, go to

In case of emergency call SOS Alarm 112