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Take a stand for LGBTQ people's rights

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Become a Newcomers volunteer!


Do you want to be part of an activity for LGBTQI refugees and migrants? Do you want to make a difference and work for an anti-racist community? As a volunteer worker for Newcomers you have a real possibility to make a difference in peoples lives!

Welcome to RFSL Göteborg's virtual living room!


Here you can meet other LGBTQI-people digitally. We meet through Zoom at specific times and talk to each other about things we think are important right now. In the virtual living room, there is no particular theme or something like that, but when you sign up you can choose whether you prefer to…

What's up?

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Subscript to free condoms!

Are you a man who has sex with men and / or a trans person? Do you live in Västra Götaland? Do you want free condoms and lube delivered home to you? On our website "Sexperts Göteborg" you can sign up for the subscription and read more about what condoms we offer.

Testing Reminder

Do you want to be reminded of when to get tested? We offer a free text message reminder. Choose if you want to be reminded to go get tested every third, sixth or twelfth month.


Do you need to talk to someone? RFSL Göteborg offers crisis and support talks on issues related to homosexuality, bisexuality, gender identity, trans and queer.