Information to visitors about the Corona virus / Covid-19

For the sake of our staff and other visitors, we have imposed the following restrictions on visitors to the office:

  • You should be completely healthy and symptom free for at least two days
  • You should not have met a person with a coronary infection
  • You should not have been abroad for the past two weeks.

Everyone must wash their hands directly on the visit before the person may enter the premises.

We thank you for your understanding.


Telephone: +46 (0)31 788 25 10

Fax: +46 (0)31 13 13 05

Visiting-, delivery- and postal address (No invoices)
Stora Badhusgatan 6, floor 9
S-411 21 Göteborg

During office hours we only receive visitors according to appointments.

Open house: Wednesdays 5 pm to 8 pm during semesters.

Find us!
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In-voice address
RFSL Göteborg
Fack 3207
Box 3038
S-831 03 Östersund (one invoice per pdf and e-mail)

We also, and preferably, receive e-invoices.

Sexual politics and board

Nadja Aria-Garystone
+46 (0)76 045 41 39


Klas Björnsson
Auditor, authorized, Grant Thornton
Klas Nordh
Auditor, layman

Nominating committee

Eric Stark, convenor
Anders Edström
Sölve Kajanus
Lena Bergström
Marie Hagberg


Patrik Hinnerson
+46 (0)76 049 58 49

Linda Palhamn
Health, sex and HIV, project manager
+46 (0)76 046 21 41

Lio Gustafsson
Advice, crisis counselling and support, counsellor
+46 (0)76 046 21 29

Victoria Hajian
Newcomers, project coordinator

Network for LGBTQI refugees and LGBTQI migrants
+46 (0)76 337 48 54 (phone hours Wednesdays 1-5 pm)