Why Speak to a Counselor?

Sometimes it can be comforting and necessary to talk to someone who isn’t close to you the way friends and family are. Someone to confide in, who’s there to listen and can give advice based on knowledge and experience.

There may be many reasons for seeking counselling in issues relating to sexual orientation and/or gender identity. For example it can be about ones own feelings about ones sexual orientation or gender identity. You may feel badly treated in society or be afraid of how friends and family are going to react when you come out as an LGBTQI person. It can also be about processing things you have experienced or other things that are hard to talk to someone about, like violence in close relationships, honor related issues, hate crimes etcetera.

To start learning how to sort through, process and talk about your feelings and troubles with someone is a starting point in handling difficult situations, feeling better and being able to claim the space and take the direction you want in life.

We can give you support and guidance in LGBTQI related issues.