Become a contact person

We are recruiting more contact persons within RFSL Göteborg! Do you want to get to know a new person and are in a position where have the opportunity to give of your time and commitment? Read more about the assignment below 🙂
As a contact person you are a resource for an LGBTQI person and your work is tailored to what this person needs. It can be about being a moral support person in the contact with authorities, conversations, learning more about Göteborg and/or Sweden, getting out and doing things, to get a way into the LGBTQI community, to counter social isolation or similar.
We are looking for you who:
• Are an LGBTQI person and have some knowledge of LGBTQI-Göteborg.
• Feel confident in yourself and are not in an identity process where you yourself are in need of support linked to being an LGBTQI person.
• Are empathetic but at the same time know how to set boundaries.
• Enjoys meeting new people and are interested in both sharing your life and taking part in others.
• Are at least 18 years old.
We offer you:
• Education.
• Continuous tutoring, in groups and individually.
• Volunteer certificate and opportunity for references.
As s contact person we expect you to be able to do about three hours of work per week as well as attend the tutoring sessions and education. All contact person assignments within RFSL Göteborg are made without financial compensation.
You submit your interest in becoming a contact person by filling in and submitting this form:, no later than Friday September 30.
If you have any questions, you are welcome to send them to
Interviews will be held ongoing during office hours. The training will be held on October 19 and November 2 at 6-9 pm. You need to be present on both occasions to become a contact person.
Welcome with your registration of interest