Are you a LGBTQI-migrant?

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At RFSL Göteborg we meet many LGBTQI refugees and LGBTQI migrants. To assist those seeking support from us, we have compiled some information below about what we can help with and what we are unfortunately unable to help with. For further information and support:

We are able to offer

  • Crisis and support talks with the counseillor
    Crisis and support talks are given in LGBTQI-related issues and in due course. Information about crisis and support talk. (opens in new window). 
  • Attestation of your participation in Newcomers activities.
  • If you are residing in Migrationsverket housing, you may have an attestation of attendance of Newcomers activities, which can be used to obtain financial compensation for travel costs.
  • Support when in contact with Migrationsverket to find safe housing.
  • A social context with Newcomers.
    Newcomers are a social grouping. Here you can, as a LGBTQI refugee and LGBTQI migrant, meet other LGBTQI migrants. Newcomers meet regularly. For more information on meet-ups See calendar
  • A personal contact person.
    A contact person is a person who can offer personal, practical and social support. The contact person is volunteer and is not employed at RFSL Göteborg.
  • Swedish tuition.
    We offer Swedish education on a smaller scale. Teachers are volunteers and they are not employed at RFSL Göteborg. You can go to Swedish tuition, whether you are a asylum seeker, have a residence permit, are an EU migrant or are in Sweden for other reasons.
  • Free HIV test and syphilis test at Checkpoint Göteborg.
    Checkpoint is a reception outside the healthcare sector. On Tuesdays at 18-20 you can do a free HIV and/or syphilis test with quick response. You will receive a response within 15 minutes. You can be anonymous. 
  • Membership of the organization.
    As a member you have the opportunity to participate in member activities. Send an e-mail to if you are asylum seeker, to obtain reduced membership fee. Full paying members register through the federation’s website.

We are not able to offer

  • Therapy or treatment
  • Legal advice
  • Certificate that you are a LGBTQI-person
    We look at sexual orientation and gender identity or gender expressions as something moving that can change over time and as if it is not visible to a person if it is a LGBTQI person. Therefore, we can not certify someone’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expressions.
  • Country reports or similar compiled country information
    For aggregated information about a specific country, please refer to
  • Help with money, food, housing, work, homework and the like.